Theodora Richards.

Theodora with her sister Alexandra. Keith's Richard daughters.


www.amyflyingakite.com said...

That guy produced some eye-dropping beauties. !!

love your love for good ol rock and roll!!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

my appreciativeness for you~
love amy ^.^

Mahdi Sleiman said...

Hahaha malheureusement, si tu veux ce t-shirt il va falloir chercher loin.. c'est des perles rares ! haha
jolie blog ! je deviens membre
A tres bientôt !!

Miranda Banana said...

Heeey merci ! :D j'adore tous tes posts je suis une fan du rock and roll. J'aurais aimé etre née dans les années 60 <3 Pour pouvoir profité des années 70 et 80 grrrr pleins de bisous Lana !

Rose said...

Merci :)

joana said...


Jan said...

Wow she's gorgeous!

Sandwich de Dinausore said...

Super! :) ♥
Bonne continuation !

Lady Moriarty said...

J'adore l'ambiance de ce blog, et puis Georgia, c'est une fille à part !

Tu es ravissante, très rock 'n roll !

Sur le blogn, concours de la mort Barbara Bui !

See U !

VIVIENNE said...

gorgeous pics!! xx

Haute and Fierce

Nora said...

thank you! ;)

MARIE said...

Elles sont super canons! hihi
Bisous bonne journée!

katerina said...

Wow didn't know her! Thanks for sharing dear! She is pretty!

Meekay said...

Beautiful pictures!


Tabatha said...

I really like the 2 first pictures, she looks really stunning on them (& so does the guy). Who would have thought Keith Richards has such beautiful daughters?! But then again, when he was young, he didn't look that bad, either...Unfortunately he's the best example what way too much drinks & drugs can do to you ;-)

Would you mind checking out my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing post, love it!