Gillian Zinser, Sky Ferreira

They're are amazing.


In 1964, they came to America. The band that changed everything. The band which changed the world. Ladies and gentelmens, THE BEATLES !

Ce groupe a bien 50 ans et c'est qu'en 2010 que c'est Dieux arrivent sur Itunes. Pas trop tôt !


Wait, wait mister postman.

Deux personnes les plus indispensables dans ce monde. Reposez en paix.
Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman, wait, wait mister postman. Mister postman look and see, you got a letter in your bag for me. I been waiting such a long time, since I heard from that girl of mine. There must be some word today, from my girlfriend so far away. Please mister postman look and see, if there's a letter, a letter for me. I been standing here waiting mister postman, So patiently, For just a card or just a letter. Saying she's returning home to me. So many days you passed me by, See the tear standing in my eye. You didn't stop to make me feel better, by leaving me a card or a letter.




Dead end justice.

The Runaways, the best female rock'n'roll group. 1970


Dakota Fanning

J'adore sa tenue, surtout ses bottes qui sont bombastiques :)

Matt Lanter

C'est pas normal, je vais faire une syncope tellement il est beau !!!