New Orleans.

J'ai decidé de ne plus mettre des photos de moi sur mon blog car il y a une personne qui s'est amuser a les prendre et a créer un compte FAKE sur FACEBOOK. Merci de votre compréhension et que la personne qui le fait supprime ce compte.

I decided not to put any more photos of me on my blog because there is a person who is to amuse has to take them and has to create an account FAKE on FACEBOOK. Thank you for your understanding and what the person who makes it deletes this account.


Ghita (: said...

J'adore les photos, et puis tu t'en fous hein. S'il y a des gens qui ont besoin s'usurper la personnalité de quelqu'un d'autre pour se sentir bien dans leur peau, eh bien laissons les faire ;)

Bisouus !

Publish my Style said...

great photos! and what a shame with that facebook story...some people have no life!=( xx


Maria said...

great pictures! and i'm sorry about that impersonator :S some person that has nothing else to do with her life!


Giuli said...

Love these pictures!! Your blog is fab!!

Stop by sometime! Maybe we can follow each other if you like?


Marie Cotrel said...

Super sélection photos ! :)

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

that's really awful and I hope they stop, why people do that I'll never know...but these are some great photos too :)

Marissa said...

like the first and last shots.